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Jose M. Rubio

Owner/Operator, RVA Technologies

Born in Charlottesville, Virginia and moving 45 Minutes to  Richmond, Virginia Jose has always had a passion for the locals. He studied Classical Guitar at VCU and still plays in a band today, Joe the Spy, named after his middle son and Internet Relations Manager - Joe Rubio

With deep Latino roots, he's always been connected with his Spanish community. He is a founding member of the Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and was awarded the Impacto Latino Award in 2017. He also served on the board of the YMCA Greater Richmond from 2005-2010 and represented the organization at the International Conference in Mexico City, 2010. 

25 years in communications business beginning with wireless working for Sprint and Nextel. (remember the Push to talk function?) He has worked for Comcast and most recently, T-mobile. Where he was successful in negotiations with T-mobile's Marketing Department to open up a pop-up store at the finish line for the 2015 UCI International Bike Championship, The first European Bike Race in America in over 50 years and, one of his proudest achievements.

He was then approached by a company who was working on a branch that offered home services to customers without having to go through the bigger companies. This provided you (yes, you) with the opportunity to have a much more hassle-free experience. 

The operation was shut down about a year later. 

Equipped only with a passion for the idea, the tenacity of a salesman, and the know-how. Jose' set off on his own to make this idea a reality. In 2016, RVA Technologies was born. 

With the support of his wife Lisa Montsinger , they were able to expand the business in order to help Real Estate agents earn a bit on the side. With their Referral Program and immense networking in the Richmond area, they are able to help agents provide their clients with seamless, easy service that treats them like family. 

RVA Technologies was created to build an authorized dealer program for Comcast in 2015.


We now have over 3500 customers and counting...


We have expanded to be a provider for Cox, Spectrum, Fios, and Sigora Solar. We also now have formed a partnership with the VAHCC Open Ethos and can now sell commercial services to businesses that need them the most. 

So, What can we do for you?

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