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Bounce Forward™ with Solutions to Power Your Business

Every day, we deliver fast, reliable Internet on the nation’s largest Gig-speed network. With our simple solutions to keep you connected, flexible pricing to meet your needs, and exceptional support, your business can be ready for whatever comes next.

Business Internet

You want fast, reliable Internet with enough bandwidth to power all your connected devices, plus a great online experience. With Comcast Business, you’ll find speeds and service to address these priorities — and more. So you can tackle today’s challenges and embrace opportunities on the road ahead.

  • No data caps

  • 35 Mbps to up to 1 Gig

  • Dedicated business support, 24/7

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Be fast. Be flexible. Enhance your Internet with add-ons.

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Connection Pro

Add WiFi Pro to get consistently great coverage all throughout your business. Plus, you can set up and manage separate WiFi networks: one for employees, one for customers. 


Comcast Business SecurityEdge 

Help protect all devices connected to your Comcast Business Internet against cybersecurity threats. Like malware, ransomware, phishing, and botnet infections.

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WiFi Pro

Agility means staying up and running, even if your power or Internet go out. We help you stay prepared — with automatic 4G LTE Internet backup for your connection and battery reserve for up to 8 hours.

On the Computer

Ethernet Dedicated Internet

When your business needs an even faster public connection and fiber-based dedicated Internet access, we’ve got you covered.

  • Matching upload and download speeds available

  • Ideal for data-hungry applications: cloud storage, web conferencing, audio streaming

  • Speeds up to 100 Gbps, at your service

Business Internet

Business internet
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Powerful connectivity to keep you ahead of the curve

We want to help prepare your business for whatever comes next. That’s why we deliver fast, reliable Internet with enough bandwidth to power all your devices. Plus, Comcast offers millions of Xfinity hotspots nationwide to help keep teams connected on the go. Not to mention innovative features like automatic backup and a cybersecurity solution to help safeguard all your connected devices. Because when it comes to the road ahead, don’t just bounce back. Bounce Forward™.





Up to



Up to



Up to





Up to



Up to



Process transactions fast.

Handle daily tasks, like uploads, downloads, and email.

Stream audio and video files and browse content-rich sites.

Speed up downloads on multiple devices and run backup servers.

Connect more users and devices in real time and process multiple transactions faster.

Connect more users and devices in real time and run cloud-based apps.

Included with your Internet

Fast, flexible installation

2-hour appointment windows scheduled around your busy day

24/7 local customer support

Customer service representatives on standby to answer questions

WiFi hotspots

Access to millions of Xfinity hotspots nationwide

ConnectionPro SpotlightTopImage_01.png

connection pro

If the power or Internet go out, business goes on. 

  • Provides complete reliability with an automatic 4G LTE backup for your connection

  • Includes battery backup for up to 8 hours of power

Comcast Business SecurityEdge™

Help protect devices connected to your Comcast Business Internet.

  • Identifies new and emerging threats  

  • No additional equipment needed other than the Comcast Business router  

  • Provides proactive, real-time threat alerts, which may not be available with other solutions 

Wifi Pro

wifi pro

Wireless Computer Accessories

WiFi that goes beyond — just like you do

Get WiFi that helps you compete in a bold, new way with analytics and insights to help enhance in-store experiences and more.

> Customizable splash page for business promotion

> Wifi Management

​Guest Insights and analytics

A Powerful all-in-one tool

Man on His Phone

Anytime, anywhere control

A mobile-friendly online portal makes it easy to set up and manage WiFi networks for both employees and guests.



  • Turn networks on and off at scheduled times

  • Assign bandwidth limits to guest networks

  • Get access to data and reports 

  • Restrict access to undesirable sites

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Enhanced marketing and promotion

Help promote your business by building a custom splash page that customers see when they connect to the network. 

  • Link to your business website and social media accounts

  • Announce daily specials

  • Share news

Business Meeting

Advanced features and monitoring

Stay in control of how and when users access your network. Help safeguard your network with advanced features.

  • Restrict unwanted traffic with content filtering 

  • Get alerts when there are unauthorized access points installed on your network

  • Set limits to when your network is active


Added protection with Comcast Business SecurityEdge

Comcast Business SecurityEdge helps protect all devices connected to your network.

  • Automatically scans for new threats every 10 minutes

  • Allows you to block employees and guests from accessing compromised sites and links

  • Easily monitor activity in real time on a personalized dashboard 

Connection Pro

connection pro

Body Image Connection Pro Desktop.jpg

Even if your power or Internet service goes out, our automatic 4G LTE backup connection keeps your business up and running. That’s peace of mind at an affordable cost.

No power? No problem.


4G LTE wireless connectivity kicks in automatically — you don’t have to do anything.


Battery backup is included, for up to 8 hours of power with surge protection.


Add to any Comcast Business Internet for backup.


all-in-one system

Connection Pro fits easily within the workplace and comes with:

  • Cellular router: for auto-failover and fallback

  • Universal power supply: supports essential business functions

  • External antenna: extends reach for quality cellular coverage 

  • Professional installation

Security Edge

security edge

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Help protect your business across all connected devices

Be fast. Be secure. Bounce Forward™ with a cybersecurity solution that automatically scans for new threats. That's Comcast Business SecurityEdge — your first line of defense against malicious threats like malware, ransomware, phishing, and botnet infections.

Powerful yet simple, our cybersecurity solution helps protect against security breaches by blocking employees and guests from accessing compromised websites and infected links. It helps protect smartphones, security cameras, wireless printers, and other devices connected to your Comcast Business Internet on the nation’s largest Gig-speed network.

> Helps safeguard connected devices

> Provides additional cybersecurity protection

> Automatically scans for new threats every 10 minutes

Up-to-date protection

Help safeguard devices with cloud-based security. Comcast Business SecurityEdge sweeps the Internet every 10 minutes to identify new and emerging cyberattacks.


easy deployment

Enjoy simple set-up: Our solution is built into Comcast Business hardware. No separate installation or additional equipment needed.


anytime visibility

View a personalized dashboard showing threats to the network in real time, accessed through My Account.

Included with Comcast Business SecurityEdge

seamless coverage

additional protection

responsive support

safer access

affordable investment

secure connection and devices

Devices connected to your network via Comcast Business Internet are covered. No extra software or multiple licenses are needed.

Our solution can enhance your current security effort. It safeguards devices from threats that other solutions, like anti-virus and firewalls, might not cover.

Dedicated customer service is at the ready 24/7.

Content filtering allowing businesses to restrict sites deemed inappropriate for their business.

Low monthly cost to help protect your business. No additional hardware or software fees.

A cloud-based offering that works seamlessly with Comcast Business Internet, it helps secure your connection and connected devices.

Gig Speed Network

gig speed network

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see what you can do when you dream gig

Pull into the fast lane with our Gig-speed network

That’s up to 1 gigabit download speed for your employees. Which means you have the Internet speed you need to support more connected devices. And you have more ways to transform your business while staying within an affordable budget.


What makes Comcast different? 

We’re building the largest Gig-speed network in the country. Our network is built from the ground up, with proven performance nationwide. So you can look forward to fast, reliable Internet connectivity for all your sites.

Body Image 2 Gig Desktop.jpg

So what can you do with all that download speed?

  • Get videos, images, reports, invoices, and records quickly

  • Connect more users in realtime

  • Process multiple card transactions faster

  • Run cloud-based apps, services, and backups — all at the same time

Speed to fit your business, priced to fit your budget

You need Internet fast enough for instant downloads. With gigabit bandwidth to unleash all the cloud has to offer. We have you covered. With download speeds up to 20X faster than what most people have and an affordable cost, it’s time to upgrade your services and get your business running like never before.

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curious about your internet speed?

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